MyKi Is Now Protecting 10,000 Kids

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The children smart watch is developed by Bulgarians and enables parents to track their kid’s location

More than 10,000 pieces of the children smart GPS/GSM watch MyKiTM have been sold only 6 months after it was released. The watch which is developed by the Bulgarian company ALLTERCO Robotics is a new generation device which enables parents to track their kids’ location and communicate with them 24/7. The watch serves both as GPS, GSM and smart watch and helps parents feel calmer about their kids’ safety.

“All parents feel more relaxed when they know where their kid is and what he/she is up to. We are extremely happy that only for a half an year we helped thousands mothers and fathers feel calmer with our MyKi”, Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of ALLTERCO – the parent company of ALLTERCO Robotics, commented.

Precise GPS

MyKiTM  has a built-in GPS module. Thanks to it, parents receive information on their kid’s location at any time through the specially designed mobile application MyKi Watch. The information on the location updates every 60 seconds. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play as well as from Apple Store.

Huge advantage of MyKiTM is the fact that parents can set ‘secure zones’, which their kid usually goes to. For example, if the kid should be at school from 8 to 12 p.m., such a safety zone can be set around the school. If the kid leaves its range, MyKiTM immediately alerts the parents. Moreover, if the kid takes the watch off, the parent receives notification and information where the watch is thanks to the built-in touch sensor.

One more interesting function of the watch is that it sends the parent a warning if the kid is moving with unusual speed — over 50 km/h. Then you can make the watch call you by itself so that you can hear and understand what is happening with the kid.

GSM and SOS friend

MyKiTM  is designed for kids aged from 4 to 10 years and works with built-in SIM card. The device can make calls to five numbers that are pre-set by the parent through the application MyKi Watch. MyKiTM can also send voice messages and receive text messages via the application chat. Parents can connect with their kid at any time as long as they have a smart phone or a computer.

The watch also has an SOS button that the child can use to connect with a parent or relative in case of emergency. Once the button is pressed, MyKiTM starts to dial pre-set SOS numbers until a connection is made.

Watch: smart, art, comfortable, colourful

 MyKiTM is extremely compact and convenient and its design is adapted so that it fits perfectly every child hand. The watch has a soft silicone strap and its diameter can be adjusted from 13 to 18.5 cm. The watch is also super light — only 40 grams.

To the delight of kids MyKiTM is available in three color combinations: blue-green, red-blue and pink-yellow, and the screen is secured by rubber guards in the form of a smile. Furthermore, the display has OLED lighting, which is gentle on the eyes. MyKiTM is charged via USB, and 400 mAh battery lasts up to 30 hours of continuous work.

The watch has a EUR1 certification and built-in accelerometer that measures steps and activity of the child throughout the day and displays them in the MyKi Watch app.


In Bulgaria the smart watch could be purchased from our online shop without a contract and SIM card at a promo price of BGN 169, in the Mtel store chain for BGN 29 per month and a subscription plan as well as in the T-Mobile and Vala store chains. MyKiTM is to be soon launched in another 4 countries.


ALLTERCO Holding is a leader in the telecommunication industry in Eastern Europe with over 15 years of experience in the segment of mobile value-added services (MWAS). The company is with 100% Bulgarian ownership, has more than 90 employees and offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Singapore, Malaysi, Thailand and the USA, and offers its services and products in more than 10 other countries.

ALLTERCO unites 4 companies. TERACOMM is a leader in developing mobile applications and SMS games. ALLTERCO Finance is specialized in accounting and auditing. Allterpay is a payment service provider. ALLTERCO Robotics is a start-up company, specializing in development of IoT solutions and systems.

The consolidated revenue of the holding for 2015 amounted to over BGN 28 million.

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