Children Watch MyKi is the Most Wanted Product in Latvia for the New School Year

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The device helps parents watch over their kids and is available in the BITE store network from a few weeks


September 11, 2017, Latvia. Popular children watch MyKi is now protecting dozens of children in Latvia. From August 22, the smart product can be purchased in the network of the telecom operator BITE and is already the most wanted children gift for the new school year. For just EUR 5 a month, every Latvian can get a MyKi Watch, a SIM card, an appropriate tariff plan, and the invaluable benefit of knowing where their kids are at any time. The price of the touch version of the watch — MyKi Touch, is EUR 6 per month.

MyKi Watch and MyKi Touch are smart watches designed for children over 4 years of age. They work with a SIM card and are next-generation devices that enable parents to monitor their child’s location and talk to them via calls and text messages at any time. They serve as GPS, GSM and watch altogether, and help them feel calm about the safety of their most beloved ones.

To date, MyKi watches are used by children in over 56 countries. The smart product is a development of the Bulgarian IoT company Allterco Robotics.

TV Commercial:

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We are expecting penetration into other Baltic countries as well, because the having device that enables you to get in touch with your loved one from one side and provide parental control on another, as MyKi products are the most required products.



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