Smart GPS/GSM tracker

This intelligent watch can be controlled, observed and adjusted with any smartphone or tablet, as well as through a web browser from anywhere and at any time.

More than just a watch

Due to the high-tec development and integrated SIM Card, GPS recipient, microphone, speaker and touch sensor, MyKiTM is way more than a watch. MyKiTM  is an entertainment for your child and serenity for you!

Specially designed for kids

To fit the taste preferences of the children, MyKiTM is developed in three colours. To serve long-term to children and parents, the watch is lasting, the strap is rubber and soft, and the screen is complementary secured with rubber guards in the form of a smile.

Functions of the watch



The MyKi Watch can make calls up to five numbers from the Phonebook . These numbers are added in the watch by the parent though the MyKi Watch application.


MyKiTM can send voice messages to the parent, as well as receive text messages through the chat in the MyKi Watch application.


Through the MyKi Watch application, you can add up to three numbers which enter through the SOS button. After the button has been pressed, the MyKiTM  Watch starts repeatedly calling these three numbers until connection is made.

Volume Control

During an incoming and an ongoing call, the sound volume of MyKiTM can be adjusted.

Communication and Data

The watch and the application have an ongoing connection. Every change in parameters, movement, state of the watch, is send directly to the parent’s phone.

Date and Time

Right after the first registration, MyKiTM  shows the right date and time on its screen.

More about MyKiTM‘s functions can be found in the FAQ section

Integrated modules

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    GPS Receiver

    Thanks to this integrated in the watch module, the parent receives information in the application about the location of the child at all times. Information about the location of your child is updated every five seconds.

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    GSM Module

    Every MyKiTM watch has connection with a mobile operator though which calls are made between your and your child. When your child is indoors, the information about its location is gathered through the cells of the mobile operator.

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    Touch Sensor

    Thanks to the integrated touch sensor, you know whether your child has taken off the watch or is wearing it at the moment.

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    The integrated accelerometer in the watch measures the steps and activity of your child throughout the whole day and shows them in the MyKi Watch application.

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    LCD Display

    The screen is further secured from scratches with beautiful rubber ornaments in the shape of a smile. The display shows date and hour, all new messages and prizes which you send to your child, as well as incoming calls.

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    MyKiTM remembers what your child has done, and after an unexpected loss of connection with the server and its restore, it renews all the information.

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    Speaker and Microphone

    Through the microphone and speaker your child can carry out calls and record voice messages, which it sends to you through the MyKi Watch application.

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    Micro USB

    The slot is used for charging the watch. You can find a cable for charging in the box of the MyKiTM. The charging of the device can be done through a plug as well as a computer.

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    MyKiTM has an integrated battery, which is charged with a standard USB charger. You can charge the watch through a plug as well as through a computer.

MyKiTM from the inside

The design of MyKiTM is made specifically for the comfort of the child’s hand.


Strap diameter:
13 – 18,5 cm
40 g with the SIM card
57 x 33 x 13 mm
Myki Box Set

How does it come?

The set comes in a hard box with the MyKiTM watch with a design by choice and is completed with a charging cable, a guide, warranty card and two years of free warranty service.