Terms & Conditions

General Conditions


General conditions for using the device named MyKiТМ Watch


I. Definitions
II. Framework
III. Obligations of the USER
IV. Confidentiality
V. Mobile application
VI. Changes
VII. Other conditions


  1. Localization – contains information about the physical location of the DEVICE. This information is gathered through 12 GPS satellites and the cells of the mobile operators.
  2. History of localization – contains information about the physical location of the DEVICE for a period of 30 days back.
  3. Text messages –  contains information about all unread text messages received to the DEVICE. In the APPLICATION, there is accessible information about all sent messages, text and voice, which have been sent/received by the device in the last 30 days.
  4. Phonebook– contains all 5 phone numbers which were entered by the user to which the DEVICE can make outgoing calls. The numbers in the phonebook can be entered,changed or deleted only through the APPLICATION.
  5. SOS numbers – allows for the user to set 3 phone numbers through the APPLICATION to which the device can make/receive calls from/to. To activate an SOS call, the SOS button must be pressed for 5 seconds. In case of an SOS call, the DEVICE records sounds from its surroundings. At the same time, a location of the place at which the SOS button was pressed is sent to the APPLICATION.
  6. Voice messages – On the device, it is possible to record and send voice messages to the APPLICATION. The APPLICATION has access to all incoming voice messages from the DEVICE for up to 30 days back.
  7. History of events – provides information about the last 100 actions made by the DEVICE in the APPLICATION with a precise date and hour.
  8. Authorized numbers – provides the user an opportunity to authorize 5 phone numbers through the APPLICATION, to which outgoing and incoming calls are allowed to the DEVICE.
  9. Calls – allows for incoming/outgoing calls to/from the DEVICE.
  10. Notifications – text messages automatically sent from the DEVICE, containing information about low battery, when the device was put on/ taken off of the child, when an SOS button is pressed, as well as when the safety zone is left or the maximum speed set is passed.
  11. Function lost DEVICE –  allows for connection to be made between the APPLICATION and the DEVICE in case it is lost.
  12. Alarms –  function with which the watch can wake up/ remind the child about an upcoming event.
  13. Step-measurer (counter) – The DEVICE contains information about the number of steps made daily. Distance travelled and burned calories by the child who is using the DEVICE can be seen in the APPLICATION.
  14. Movement during sleep –  information about the number of movements of the child during its sleep can be accessed in the APPLICATION.
  15. Silent Mode –  allows for the user of the DEVICE to turn down/up the sound of the DEVICE during an incoming or ongoing call.
  16. Safety zones – allows for the user of the APPLICATION to set a perimeter and a time period during which the DEVICE does not send notifications about the change in location, as long as it is in the safety zone. In case the child leaves the safety zone during an unwanted time, the DEVICE sends a notification. The set safety zone does not turn off the notifications about low battery, whether the watch has been put on/taken off, or a passed speed limit.
  17. Touch sensor –  gives information to the APPLICATION with precise time in case the watch has been taken off of the child’s hand.
  18. Speed limit – allows for the user of the APPLICATION to set a speed limit, which if passed, will trigger a notification sent by the DEVICE. This function helps with tracking the speed with which your child is moving. If you know that your child will be in a vehicle, set a higher speed limit. If surprisingly your child is moving faster than the expected speed, the DEVICE will immediately send a notification and SMS.
  19. Text and voice message – allows for the DEVICE to receive text messages with up to 20 symbols. This limit is necessary, as a longer message could not be displayed on the screen of MyKi. However, you can send an unlimited number of texts. Also, voice messages can be received on the device.


II. Framework

Art. 1.(1)  The current GENERAL CONDITIONS regulate the relations between “ALTERCO ROBOTICS” EOOD, EIK 202320104 (named short as ALTERCO below) and every entity (legal or physical), which uses the mobile device with the name “ MyKi Watch” (named short as USER below), in connection with the buying of the “MyKi Watch” device (named short DEVICE below) and the services provided by it, a property of ALTERCO.
(2)“ALTERCO ROBOTICS” ЕООD provides the DEVICE and service together with “TERA COMMUNICATIONS” AD.

Art. 2. The DEVICE consists of a watch with a design by choice and comes in a set with a charging cable, instructions, warranty card, and a SIM card.

Art. 3. The DEVICE provides/contains the following functions:

  1. Localization
  2. History of locations
  3. Text messages
  4. Phonebook
  5. SOS numbers
  6. Audio messages
  7. History of events
  8. Authorized numbers
  9. Calls
  10. Notifications
  11. Function “Lost Watch”
  12. Alarms
  13. Step-measurer (counter)
  14. Movements during sleep
  15. Silent mode
  16. Safety zones
  17. Touch sensor
  18. Speed limit
  19. Chat and voice messages
  20. Prizes

Art. 4. Personal data can be stored during the purchase of the device and its use, as well as the usage of the APPLICATION.
Art 5. For the objectives of Art.4, the USER provides their data voluntarily with a beforehand approval.


Art. 6. (1).  When buying the DEVICE from http://myki.watch  and activating it, the USER declares that they are aware of and accept the General Conditions, and is obligated to follow them. The General Conditions can be updated at any time without a special norification to the USER. ALTERCO does not hold responsibility if the USER is not aware of the updated Gereal Conditions. When using the SERVICES, the user is obligated to follow the current General Conditions, as well as all other conditions imposed by the legislation of R. Bulgaria and the international legislation, even if they have not been mentioned in the current General Conditions.

(2).  The USER sets their relations with the mobile operator in a way in which the SIM card of the watch functions normally and all services and settings needed by the operator are provided in order for the watch to function normally.

Art. 7.  ALTERCO holds no responsibility for any damage to the watch, its losing or infringement of the warranty conditions, incurred due to a failure by the USER to follow the current General Conditions.


Art. 8.  Accepting the current General Conditions, the USER agrees for their provided PERSONAL DATA to be processed by ALTERCO by electronic means. ALTERCO holds its right to use the data of the USER to identify their identity in the case of law, legal procedures or concerning the obligations to the General Conditions.


Art. 9. The APPLICATION allows for access to the DEVICE and is accessible by mobile devices
(smartphones and tablets) with an operational system “Android” and “iOS”.

Art. 10. The installation of the APPLICATION is free and can be downloaded in “Google Play Store” and the “App Store”.

Art. 11. The APPLICATION allows for a continuous connection with the DEVICE and therefore, with the child who is using it.

Art. 12. After the completion of the registration by Art.18, the APPLICATION provides the following opportunities and full control of:

  • Identifying the location of the DEVICE
  • Tracking the history of events
  • Tracking of the history of ongoing and previous locations of the DEVICE, as well as determining safety zones and their time period.
  • Sending of text and voice messages to the DEVICE.
  • Control of the alarms for waking up/ reminders for upcoming events.
  • Daily check of the history of the activity of the DEVICE for up to 30 days back.
  • Adding of numbers in the DEVICE and control over incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text and voice messages.
  • Entering of names and phone numbers in the Phonebook of the DEVICE, to which outgoing calls can be made, and full control of the SOS and authorized phone number list.
  • Setting and control of the speed limit and safety zone of the DEVICE.
  • Receiving all outgoing calls from the DEVICE as notifications.

Art. 13. (1). After installing the APPLICATION the USER enters in the registrational form the following data:

  • username
  • password
  • identification code of the DEVICE
  • personal phone number
  • phone number of the DEVICE

(2). After entering the data in the form following Art.1, the DEVICE receives an identification code. This code must be confirmed in the registrational form.

Art 14. ALTERCO holds no responsibility in disturbances of the working of the program or technical providing of other operators in the internet or telecommunication networks in/out of the country, if the USER cannot partially or fully use the services given by the APPLICATION.

Art. 15. (1). In case the SIM card is replaced or ejected from the DEVICE, ALTERCO does not hold responsibility to ensure compatibility with another SIM card placed by the USER.

(2). In case of a systematic inappropriate usage of the DEVICE, i.e incorrect charging of the battery, failure of following the warranty conditions or incorrect storage, ALTERCO does not hold responsibility of the quality of work of the DEVICE.

Art. 16. ALTERCO holds no responsibility for the consequences after i.e possible damages, caused by or in any way connected to the access, usage or inaccessability of the APPLICATION. All the information in the APPLICATION is provided in accordange to the acting Bulgarian legislation, with no guarantee by TERACOM for its integrity or safety from a third-party’s malicious actions.

VI. Changes

Art. 17. ALTERCO holds its right to make changes in the current General conditions at all times, which will be posted on the webpage and APPLICATION.


Art. 18.  ALTERCO has the right to change the technology and design of the APPLICATION with no given notice.

Art. 19. For all outstanding with the current General conditions questions, the active bulgarian legislation is contacted.

All existing rights reserved!

“Alterco Robotics” ЕООD