MyKi GPS/GSM Watch


GPS/GSM tracker for kids
without a SIM card*

MyKi watch is capable of:

  • Outgoing and incoming calls to predefined phone numbers
  • Monitor the location of the child with a mobile app
  • Unlimited notifications and voice messages
  • Lifetime free application usage
  • 2 years warranty
  • Free fast shipping

* To use the MyKi watch you need a SIM card with active data & voice services.



MyKiTM – The smart watch for your kid

MyKiTM is a new generation smart device that helps parents be safe about their kid’s location without being over-protective with constant calls. The smart GPS/GSM tracker communicates wit 12 satellites that report with absolute precision the location of your child.

MyKiTM is light and comfortable and fits each child’s hand. The strap is adjustable with diameter varying from 13 to 18.5 cm. The smart watch total weight is 40 g with SIM card installed.

Stay in touch with your child all the time

You can use MyKiTM, not only to check the location of your child, but also to talk to him at any time as the smart watch works also like a mobile phone. The kid can receive call only from authorised numbers.

Emergency ready

Armed with SOS speed dial button MyKi is ready to protect your kid. In case the child needs you by pressing the SOS button the smart watch sends exact location to the mobile application and starts calling three predefined phone numbers till connecting one of them.

The battery can operate up to 30 hours in stand by mode and you will receive SMS warning when battery is going low. In a call the watch can operate up to one hour fair enough to handle and emergency situation.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Red, Blue, Pink


GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS/EDGE



SIM Card



400 mAh