Allterco Robotics to Develop IoT Innovations with Deutsche Telekom

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The Bulgarian company is now part of the Hub:raum program of the German telecom and recently took part in the LTE-M Prototyping workshop

July 2018, SofiaAllterco Robotics became part of Hub:raumDeutsche Telekom’s program for innovations development in partnership with startups. The Bulgarian IoT company was chosen among hundreds of candidates from around the globe, which develop solutions and products for LTE-M network.

Within the second stage, Allterco Robotics participated in the LTE-M Prototyping workshop, where it presented innovative concepts and solutions in the product categories: Wearable and Smart Home, along with 23 other companies. The ideas and solutions that the Bulgarian company demonstrated during the event impressed all attendees. As a result, the company will continue beyond prototyping, towards further realization of its ideas in practice in partnership with the German telecom.

Together with Deutsche Telekom and under their guidance and support, Allterco Robotics will work on the development of smart LTE tracking devices MyKi, as well as on the Shelly Smart Home product line using NB IoT.

„Our company joining the Hub:raum program of Deutsche Telekom as a partner is proof of the rightness of our strategy for developing IoT innovations. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to develop and create new solutions and products in order to make life easier and safer“, commented Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco Robotics. „We are extremely happy and grateful to Deutsche Telekom for their confidence in us and for the opportunity to work together on the development of customer’s solutions for LTE-M network.“

Hub:raum – innovative ideas from all over the world

Founded in 2012 by the leading telecom company Deutsche Telekom, the Hub:raum program aims at research and development of innovative solutions and products in the IoT field ( It targets IT startups and young companies from around the world.

In short, Hub:raum is the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom. Designed as a partnership between startup companies and the German telecom, the Hub:raum program provides support and stimulates innovation, and also creates new business opportunities for both parties: startups benefit from financial support as well as from the gained access to the technology resources, customers and knowledge of Deutsche Telekom, while the telecom takes advantage of the new business opportunities which the innovative ideas of start-up companies create.

A week ago Hub:raum hosted the LTE-M Prototyping workshop, where more than one hundred people (including entrepreneurs, mentors, engineers and T-Mobile experts) worked together to identify, plan and create prototypes and develop custom solutions for the LTE-M network provided by Deutsche Telekom AG. The workshop also provided a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience related to NB-IoT introduction to the market and to jointly develop solutions based on IoT connectivity. Allterco Robotics’ team also took an active part in this workshop.

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