MyKiTM GPS/GSM watch tracker for kids

The child GPS-GSM watch MyKiTM is a device from a new generation that allows parents to communicate and monitor the location of their child via the MyKi Watch mobile application. With the MyKiTM Watch, parents and their child are always in touch.
С MyKi винаги знаете къде е Вашето дете


With MyKiТМ you always know where your child is

MyKiТМ gives information about the location of your child every minute with preciseness when outside up to 10 meters.

С MyKi Вашето дете е защитено от нерегламентирани обаждания


With MyKiТМ your child is protected from calls from an unknown number or a stranger

MyKiТМ can receive and make calls only from/to numbers which are authorized by the parents.

MyKI позволява да се зададат зони за сигурност на детето

Secure Zones

The GPS/GSM watch allows you to set secure zones in advance

If your child leaves or enters these zones, you will immediately receive information.

Бутон за бърза връзка с родителите


Parents Speed Dial

In case you child needs you, they can press the SOS button with which the coordinates are sent and an immediate call is made to the parents.

MyKi Watch Мobile Аpplication

Stay in touch with your child at any time. Talk, type, listen to voice messages and monitor when and where your kid is.
It is easy with MyKi Watch!

Location in real time and status of the watch

You can immediately see where your child is and what the status of the watch is.

History of movement

The mobile application keeps the history of watch location and motion for 30 days. The information is updated every two minutes.


Through the mobile application you can exchange voice with and send text messages to the watch.


The application allows you to monitor statistics of the activity of your child – number of steps, distance, calories burned, quality of sleep.

The mobile application MyKi Watch is a fully free app, developed for Android and iOS. Install the app on your smart phone or tablet and register clock.